The Self-Depricants

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Driving along the two hundred year old highway known as the National Road, stretching through farmlands in the heart of Ohio, you pass by a small town with a cadre of talented musicians who inspire each other to craft vibrant, meaningful songs. It's in this setting that images turn into feelings and words, as riffs and jams turn into music that all fell into place as songs by The Self-Depricants.

Recorded in a house built during the Great Depression, with the sparse resources in their practice space, The Self-Depricants have created music in the midst of life changes and personal tragedy. These songs are intricate but flowing, accessible but creative, edgy but composed. They reflect the waves of emotions that ride and flow in love, regret, anger, joy, exhilaration, worry and finding peace.

On a path similar to those taken by many projects among friends, the band has one core member, bassist and singer Matt Rees. Filling in the rest of the Self-Depricants are friends and family who contribute, inspire, or donate their time to this current project, in the gaps in activity they find while working on their own artistic endeavors. 

The songwriting of the Self-Depricants emerges from a love of music spanning decades and genres. Some musical moments tip their hats to the innovativeness of groups like U2, other moments solidly plant their feet in the syntax of familiar rock music from the Beatles, but with feet firmly planted in the Americana that can shift from folk to rock, to an alt or indie sound, then back around again.
                                    © 2021 Matthew W Rees / Somerford Music ASCAP